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Brokers and lenders express concern over HIPs

Latest broker research from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) has shown intermediaries' business volumes may be adversely by the introduction of home information packs (HIPs).


Tories criticise sellers' packs

The Conservative Party has outlined its plans to help first-time buyers, including voting against the introduction of home information packs when the regulations are laid before parliament in the spring.


Should sellers beware house sale reform?

You don't need property price indices to see that the house-selling market is hotting up. All around Britain you can hear the screams of anguish from buyers and sellers alike as they undergo the torture of dealing with unscrupulous estate agents and recalcitrant solicitors.


Homeowners at the mercy of 'cowboys'

Home information packs will put families looking to sell their houses at risk from "cowboy" inspectors, it has been claimed. The planned change to the way houses are bought and sold will provide "a breeding ground" for unqualified surveyors, critics said. Inspectors will compile £350 "home condition reports" for the packs.


Tories call for halt to home information packs

The Conservative party plans to pressurise the government into halting the introduction of home information packs (Hips).

Research by estate agents, published today, shows that the majority of the public would think twice about selling their house following the introduction of the packs in June 2007.


Will the new home information packs work?

Will the long-awaited home information pack clean up the house buying process? They come into force in June 2007, but critics say the new breed of home inspectors will only make matters worse.


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