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Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors Comes Unstuck

It seems that there are a few people out there who are not very happy with IDEA (The Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors) and it sounds like they have good reason. I would recommed heading over to Neil Kruz's blog to find out a bit more about this self-styled institute for DEAs (Domestic Energy Assessors).

New Build HIPS

From today, all new build properties must have a HIP before marketing can commence. Previous regulations, exempting properties built to 2006 Building Regulations, have been superseded meaning a HIP must be ordered and paid for on any new build or off-plan development marketed for sale.



The scaremongers got it wrong on sellers' packs but we're not home and dry yet

They may have launched to a barrage of criticism last August but home information packs are here to stay. And while vendors trying to sell their house this spring may have deeper concerns than compiling a report on their property – not least a lack of buyers – it will still be on their "to do" list because all homeowners in England and Wales now need to apply for a HIP before the "for sale" sign can go up. So what do they need to know?

HIP New Directory

Visit the Hip Zone - Home Information Pack directory to find a HIP provider. This directory's unique selling point is that it allows HIP providers and related businesses to bid themselves to the top and onto the front page of the site. This is similar to the system used by Google, but unlike Google there is no cost per click. Check it out; visit the the HIP Zone.

Tories label Hips a farce

Four out of five homebuyers taking part in a trial of the government's controversial home information packs (Hips) never actually saw a pack, or only did so after they had made an offer on a property, it has emerged.


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