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Home packs 'could be used by criminals'

Criminals could use the Government's proposed home seller's packs to target vulnerable addresses, the Law Society warned today.


HIP Directory Listings

If you have already signed up for a hipCENTRAL listing submit your Home Inspection Home listing here. When you have finished click on the "floppy" icon or click save and let me know so I can validate your listing.

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If you would like a directory listing on this site you must sign up for a hipCENTRAL listing:

1. Add Basic Listing (£3.65 per year plus VAT)

This listing includes the following details:

Company name, address, telephone, and includes a short description on hipCENTRAL and HIH (www.homeinspectionhome.co.uk)

1 Category

2. Add Basic+ Listing (£12.89 per quarter plus VAT)

This is the same as the basic listing but includes an e-mail address and a web link to your corporate website on both hipCENTRAL and HIH.

These listings come before the basic listings in the search results.

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3. Add Standard Listing
(£25.77 per quarter plus VAT)

This listing has the above features and it allows you to upload a logo on hipCENTAL and create a dedicated page on hipCENTRAL.

These listings alway come before the basic listings.

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4. Add Enhanced Listing
(£38.66 per quarter plus VAT)

This is the recommended listing as it has these additional features:
  • Banners are shows on hipCENTRAL and HIH (more sites coming).
  • Listed in "featured sites" side box.
  • An additional product and services page can be created. Three products are displayed randomly on all pages - bottom right-hand corner.
  • An image library can be created.
  • A document library can be created.
  • PLUS you get a free hipCENTRAL blog with its own domain name.
These listings always come above the standard and basic listings.

2 Categories

5. Add Sponsor Listing
(£51.54 per quarter plus VAT)

This is the same as the Enhanced listing. The only difference is that these listings come before basic, standard and enhanced listings and are highlighted.

3 Categories

6. Add Managed Listing
(£154.63 per quarter plus VAT)
For those who don't have the time or the inclination to use the self-service features of the site to create and manage listings or a blog, you can leave it to us. We will create a corporate blog for you and post messages to your blog.

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