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Home sellers with no HIP will face £200 fine

Failing to provide a Home Information Pack could land house sellers with a £200 fine under rules that come into force on Monday.

Owners may also be sued for providing inaccurate information, even if the prospective buyer doesn't go ahead with the sale.

Yesterday Conservative MPs and property lawyers criticised the Government's decision to go ahead with the HIPs.


House sellers could be sued under new Home Information Pack rules

A revamped and strengthened version of the controversial packs is coming into force next week.

One of the features of the new HIP involves house sellers filling in a detailed questionnaire about their property. Lawyers fear that sellers will leave themselves open to be sued, as a result.


New Homes - Property Information Questionnaire

From the 1st April 2009 all homes including new build will require a Property Information Questionnaire. This new build homes questionnaire is slightly different and only has 12 questions. One thing of concern is the following clause The Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 does not apply where the form has been completed solely by the seller. and this disclaimer The information contained in this document should have been completed truthfully and accurately by the seller. However, the information does not replace official documents or legal information, you should confirm any information with your conveyancer. Given these two statements the document is of little value in my opinion.

In the future I would expect the questionnaire to state whether the builder has signed up the the housebuilding industry Code of Practice which is currently under development and whether the property will have a snagging list created by an independent new build inspections company.


Petition against Hip rules rejected

Downing Street has rejected a petition calling for the Government to drop plans to tighten the rules on Home Information Packs (Hip) for residential properties in England and Wales.

Some 1,694 people signed the petition on the Number 10 website protesting against the plan to end the so-called "first day marketing concession", which has so far allowed sellers to put their homes on the market before receiving their Hip, provided they have paid for a pack or made a commitment to do so.


Estate Agents Say Suspend Hips

Estate agents are calling for home sellers’ packs to be suspended, branding them an expensive waste of time.

Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents and a longtime critic of the home information packs (Hips) scheme, said the £300 price tag of the packs punishes sellers already suffering from the effects of market devaluations.


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