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Hips for listed homes

I live in a listed building that is more than 200 years old. My property has been continuously marketed since April 2007, before the legal requirement for a home information pack was introduced. I was exempt from the need for a Hip, and remained so at each convoluted change of government regulations, although I have had to produce an energy performance certificate.

Are sellers in my position still exempt from having to produce a full pack? The cost associated with the preparation of a Hip for an historic building is considerable, and will make such properties even harder to sell than they have been thus far.

ANSWER: To describe the history of Hip legislation as “convoluted” is a masterly understatement. Hips were introduced by the Housing Act 2004, but the detailed requirements are set out in no fewer than 12 sets of regulations issued since 2006. Some of these regulations repeal earlier ones, and there are different dates when different requirements came into force. The latest changes came into effect on April 6, 2009.