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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Energy Performance Certificates?

An Energy Performance Certificate will provide buyers and sellers with A-G ratings on their homes, similar to fridge ratings, as well as a list of practical measures to cut their fuel bills and carbon emissions. By acting on the recommendations listed in the Energy Performance Certificate, the average homeowner is expected to save £300 a year on fuel bills and help to reduce the 27% of the UK's carbon emissions currently generated by our homes.

What are Home Condition Reports?

The Home Condition Report contains information about the physical condition of the property on which sellers, buyers and lenders will be able to rely legally as an objective and authoritative report.

Sellers who provide a Home Condition Report will have an early opportunity to carry out repair work on the property or obtain quotes prior to marketing. Potential buyers will be made aware of repairs that they might need to make and fund, or they will be reassured that the property is in good condition, in both cases before they decide to put in an offer. Lenders can also benefit by using the reports to inform their valuations, reducing the need to repeat a detailed on site inspection at the buyer's expense.

The Government believes there will be significant benefits to home sellers from adding a Home Condition Report to their Packs, including greater certainty about sales being completed more quickly.

What are Certification Schemes?

All Home Inspectors must belong to certification schemes. The schemes will operate under standards set by Government, which will make sure that these schemes operate robustly to protect consumers.

What is the Home Condition Report Register?

Energy Performance Certificates and Home Condition Reports will be lodged on a national register. The register is expected to be operational in 2006.

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