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All you need to know about HIPS...

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What are the Benefits to First Time Buyers?

  • First time buyers are the most vulnerable and least experienced participants in the home buying process.  They need hard reliable information to inform their decisions.  Home Information Packs will provide this
  • First time buyers will receive pack information ‘free’, thus reducing the cost of entry into home ownership
  • At present first time buyers waste £100s on searches and surveys only to find that the sale falls through (£140m wasted each year -NOP World research - Springmove).  This is an expense first time buyers are least able to afford.  It means they have to save up the money all over again before they can attempt to buy a home -  Home Information Packs will provide this information upfront
  • The Home Condition Report in the Pack will provide first time buyers with all the information they need about the condition of the home and its energy efficiency.  This will save first time buyers the cost of commissioning their own survey, and put an end to people buying their first home only to find out afterwards that there are expensive problems that they cannot afford to put right, or costly utility bills they hadn't planned for.